The Maples Additions: String Lighting

Valley Images Photography. Maples lawn.

We are so excited to announce that we are now renting string lights for events!
We’ve partnered with an amazing lighting company,  who will be making all of our client’s lighting dreams come true.
Because, who doesn’t love the twinkle of string lights for your dinner, dancing, or cocktail hour?

Our partner can also do custom lighting for each client, depending on their vision.
We already have one couple getting married here in July, that is interested in having lights wrapped around specific trees that are centered to their first dance space!

Whatever your lighting needs may be, we can take care of them for your next event!
Check out some of our lighting options below.

Elizabeth Warrick Photography. Maples fireplace area.

Valley Images Photography. Maples Courtyard.

Valley Images Photography. Maples daytime lighting for the Courtyard.

Valley Images Photography. Maples courtyard.

Lily Rose Photography. Maples lawn.

Valley Images Photography. Maples lawn.

We’re looking forward to seeing which space you choose to use The Maples string lighting!

The Maples Team
Woodland Event Venue