Our Unique Trees

Carmen Salazar Photography.

Our historic property is beautifully surrounded by trees and greenery!
The previous owners, The Best Family, were actually botanists and planted many special plants.
As you roam our property, you will notice very unique trees, like our Chinese Pistasche, Mulberry Trees, Hundreds of years old Oaks, 80- year old Gingko Tree, and more!
Many of these trees are apparent on our Homestead, and our couples love to have their ceremony facing the Chinese Pistache!

As the fall season approaches, the Chinese Pistach actually turns into a beautiful gold!
It’s a perfect spot for a ceremony for a wedding or to place tables underneath with some draping or a chandelier.

Carmen Salazar Photography.

Our Mulberry tree (pictured on the left above), blooms in Spring and our Persimmon (on the right above) is a fun fruit to enjoy during Fall!

Amanda Wei Photography.

And you can’t forget about our walkway towards the Stables!
That walkway is canopied by pecan trees and grapefruit trees that bring some brightness to the area.


En Pointe Photography.

We hope you can find some of our unique trees by roaming our property during your event!

The Maples Team
Woodland Event Venue