Let them eat cake!


En Pointe Photography.

Bring on the sweets!
We love how creative our couples are getting with having donuts, ice cream sandwiches, mini pies, you name it!
If you still want to do the traditional cake cutting with your new spouse, have a small one that you both can cut then enjoy together later on.
If cake isn’t your thing, then you can feed each other donuts or other sweets!
Our couples have done their cake cutting in our Courtyard under string lights, our Fireplace area, by the pool, and even on our Homestead.
Every space they have used, they make sure their guests are close enough to get some treats before dancing begins!
We can’t wait to see what other couples do for their wedding in 2018!

Chris Howard Imagery.

Lily Rose Photography.

Batter Up Cakery. Jennifer Clapp Photography.

En Pointe Photography
Chris Howard Imagery
Lily Rose Photography
Jennifer Clapp Photography 

The Maples Team
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